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Welcome to Fahmy Group Software

Accounting software is a necessity when trying to run your own business, and the sooner you implement a good solution the better. Otherwise you can find yourself struggling through piles of receipts while hurtling toward a tax deadline.

It's a full double entry accounting system, complete with Accounts Receivable (Sales Ledger), Accounts Payable (Purchase Ledger), General Ledger (Nominal Ledger), Stock Control/Inventory, Purchase Order Processing, Invoice software, Human Resources, and even payroll software. It's also multi-user, multi-company, and multi-currency.

In addition, it contains special modules (which can also be used for free) for retail, cafe, and restaurant trade, and for point of sale and workshop operations in the autotrade.

The software will run on just about any PC running Windows, from Windows 98 through to Windows 10. It will also run on iMac or Linux/Unix machines when using Windows emulation.

Our Accounting Software is developed by a small business owner for use by other small business owners. So it isn't full of accounting jargon, it's easy to use by people who don't have an accounting degree, it works the way small business people tend to work, not the way accountants work. You can use as many of, or as few of the facilities provided as you like. For example, if you don't wish to use the General Ledger (Nominal Ledger), you can just ignore it. Also, unlike most other accounting systems, it doesn't force you to perform complicated account period end or year end procedures. It just keeps rolling forwards. Your business doesn't stop at the end of each account period or year